Why Did Your Bookkeeper Go Missing?


Bookkeepers are an integral part of the business, infact they fom the livewire of your operations. This makes it hard coming to terms when your bookkeeper goes misssing especially if he/she were good at the job. We may never be able to unravel the reasons why they(bookeepers) left but this should send a signal to the business owners that they are not very observant, especially if they didn’t see this coming. Most times in theses cases, the business owner sets out straightaway to scout for new bookkeepers, but if they are oblivious of what sent the former bookkeeper packing, the same event may occur again. We present to you possible reasons why bookkeepers ditch their employers or clients.

Medical Reasons

Nobody plans for it, sometimes insurance can’t even help it. When life  gives you those hard knocks that throw you off balance and the only option is to surrender, it’s usually not an easy experience. Sometimes our bookkeepers have severed ties with us because of serious or even life-threatening medical conditions, either leaving them incapacitated or under supervision from doctors, who demand plenty of bedrest. At this point, it dawns on the bookkeeper to choose between living a normal life again or keeping their clients happy.

Underestimate their job

Starting fresh as a bookkeeper, the goal is usually to amass a very good number of clients which will translate to more money. Along the line, they find out that some clients expect more from them and their work encroaching into the work period of other clients. Maybe after answering a query once or twice for late submission after the deadline, they decide to call it quits. The bookkeeper understands the dust it will raise to inform a difficult client on his decision to quit, hence the decision to fade away.

In cases similar to this one, it is imperative that a soul search be conducted and if evidences show that you have a hand in the disappearance of your bookkeeper, then you should put in effort to  work on building a healthier working relationship with your next bookkeeper. Click here.

More Money!!!

This is more common and easier to detect yet many business owners turn a blind eye to it. The business might have grown overtime and the bookkeeping task more complex than ever. However, in all this there have been no consideration about your bookeeper, no payrise nor bonuses. There might have been subtle requests for a pay upgrade in the past and nothing was done, the bookkeeper went on his normal job and soon his wife birthed a baby. That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back, he went searching for better opportunities and luckily he found one. Few days later, the bookkeeper went Mia!. He probably didn’t want to tell because there could be persuasions to stay back.

Other Reasons

Maybe, their present skill wasn’t enough to handle the scope of the jobs you brought to them or they had been stealing from you!. A bookkeeper may have been making stealth withdrawals or cornering funds into their personal purse, maybe the events of recent weeks may have pointed towards unravelling the fraud and then, they decide to flee rather than get caught. This underlines the importance of having a close look at your financial books or data to identify any discrepancies, befow hiring a new bookeeper.


Anybody’s bookeper can go missing, it is not always because of personal reasons. However when they leave, try to unravel the mystery behind their absence and take a good look a your financial books to detect any fraud. If you are in need of a new bookkeeper to fill that void, contact Bookkeepers Melbourne. Check out this site: http://bookkeeperco.com.au/bookkeeper/

Top 5 Reasons Why Good Franchisee Bookkeeping Should Matter To Franchisors

Do you think bookkeepers Melbourne are necessary when you own a franchise? To be honest, there are many who think franchises don’t require the same level of bookkeeping but that’s not exactly true. Franchises require bookkeeping just as much as regular businesses and franchise bookkeeping really should matter to all franchisors. Not convinced? Don’t worry, you soon will be. The following are just five very good reasons why franchise bookkeeping should matter to all franchisors.

Help To Move the Business Forward

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to see which areas of any business, even a franchise is weak if daily bookkeeping isn’t given a priority. You may struggle to see which areas are not working and which areas are excelling. That can really present a host of issues and it’s something which more and more are seeing on a monthly basis too. However, being able to move the business forward and enable it to grow will absolutely help to expand. Hiring a bookkeeper can be so important and in reality it will help to continue growth.

Everything Is Kept Updated

When there is poor bookkeeping then it can be very difficult to see where your franchise really is and that’s a major problem. However, franchise bookkeeping can enable you to keep everything updated and in order. That plays a very important part of any franchise and it certainly can be very useful for a host of people also. Bookkeepers Melbourne is so important here as they can help keep the books in order and updated.

You Know Where the Business Stands

Anyone who runs a franchise has to maintain a certain level so that they are not only making a profit but keeping things running as smoothly as possible. Without good franchise bookkeeping you could end up with a heap of trouble on your hands and that’s not what you want. You want to be able to look at your business and see where you are and where everyone stands. When you get a bookkeeper to work on your franchise books you can ensure everything is in good order.

Mistakes Can Be Avoided

Bookkeeping is tough and when there are mistakes, there are real problems because if they are not picked up in time, they could cause you to make a big mistake within the long-term future of the franchise. That could potentially mean losing money or even having to shut the franchise down; yes, that might seem extreme but it is possible. However, with professional bookkeeping it can hopefully avoid these issues. Bookkeepers Melbourne can help you to deal with bookkeeping so that you don’t have to personally worry about them.

Problems within the Franchise Can Be Seen Quickly

What happens if there is a serious problem within the franchise? How can you spot it without good bookkeeping? To be honest, there are lots of simple things that can be missed without proper franchise bookkeeping and it’s certainly causing a lot of concern. That is why you have to think about hiring a professional bookkeeper. Professional bookkeepers can certainly help you to get effective franchise bookkeeping and it will be well worth your time too.

Take Care of Your Franchise

Running a franchise can be wonderful but there are times when it can go so wrong. For some, they find it’s the bookkeeping side of things which have let them down and is causing them far more trouble than you could ever imagine. That is not ideal to say the least and it’s certainly causing them far more trouble than they need. However, with professional bookkeepers Melbourne you can avoid all this trouble.

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How to Take Charge of Your Day-to-Day Bookkeeping

 If you’re just setting up in business, your bookkeeper will have pressured how important it is to remain on top of your record keeping.

Although other elements of your business may appear more pressing, it’s necessary to set aside enough time every week to ensure that your books are to be able – keep placing it off, and you will quickly find that your accounts become unmanageable.

Here are five key ways to use charge of your bookkeeping.

  1. By using your bookkeeper, build a calendar or spreadsheet of important tax-related dates and stick it where it’s easily noticeable. When you have an everlasting reminder of key dates,you will have an improved overall picture of what needs to be done by when.
  2. Implement something that ensures you can maintain three collections of documents:
  • Cash book – keep a record of all the ventures into and out of your business bill.
  • Purchase invoices – keep a chronological record of how so when you pay your invoices.
  • Sales invoices – again, maintain a chronological record of when and whom you have invoiced, and when you receives a commission.

Ask your bookkeeper if he or she can recommend appropriate accounting software for your business. A good program will help you keep an eye on all your income and outgoings, however,it’s essential that you receive the correct training. A badly used accounting program is much less effective than newspaper records and files. In any event, a good system can make your bookkeeper’s life easier and keep your costs down. Please remember if you decrease the accounting software route, make regular backups of your computer data.

  1. Keep your individual and business accounts completely separate. Even if you own your business outright if you begin to use your business bank account to cover private components of expenditure your accounts will be much harder to reconcile. In the event of a tax enquiry by HM Earnings & Traditions (HMRC) your private bank account will be cared for as a small business account if you are using it regularly to make obligations or lender any sales receipts there.
  2. With regards to the type and complexness of your business, try to be steady about when you do your books. It’s tempting to do them by the end of the day or week, but this is if you are apt to be most worn out and potentially make mistakes. Try to do your books in the morning – and remember the more frequently you choose to do your accounts the simpler they are to keep.
  3. Get insight once you feel things are going astray. It’s counterproductive to let your accounts can get on top of you as you’re much more likely to make possibly costly mistakes. If possible hire a part-time bookkeepers Melbourne to help you stay on the monitor – it’s liable to prove affordable in the long run.

Keeping current accurate records and regularly reconciling your accounts is your responsibility. As well as making your life easier as it pertains to your 12 months end, good record keeping will provide valuable financial information that will help you run your business better.

If you are looking for a trusted, bookkeepers Melbourne, www.bookkeeperco.com.au to search or submit an enquiry.…

Freelance Bookkeeper

Freelance Bookkeeper – As Capable As a Fulltime Employee?

Freelance bookkeepers have become a vastly sought after service and it’s quite easy to understand why. Bookkeepers have the responsibility in dealing with all financial records within a business and those records can in fact make all the difference when making crucial business decisions. However, the debate between hiring a fulltime and freelance bookkeeper rages on. So, can a freelance bookkeeper be as capable as an in-house, fulltime employee and, if so, should their services be utilized? Red her latest blog post for more details.

Can A Freelancer Be Capable Of Handling The Duties Of A Fulltime, In-House Employee?

There are indeed millions of business owners who are worried if they don’t hire a fulltime employee but rather use a freelancer, it means they’re missing out on something. It can of course be a big concern and many believe freelance bookkeeping isn’t taken as seriously as traditional bookkeeping but that isn’t really the case.

Freelance bookkeeping is no different from that of an in-house fulltime employee. They have the same responsibilities and in fact handle the same tasks; the only real difference between freelance bookkeepers Melbourne and fulltime employees, is freelancers work remotely. Bookkeeping tasks are handled in the same manner and the turnaround times can be excellent.

Should A Freelancer Be Used Rather Than Fulltime Bookkeepers?

Large organizations may not often look to freelancer services simply because they require several to handle different sections of the company.

Bookkeeping services can still be used of course but for some reason, companies don’t look to these services. However, smaller companies can absolutely benefit from freelance services. One of the biggest reasons why has to be down to space and costs. As everyone knows, maintaining records can be very important and often, smaller businesses have limited office space and can’t afford a fulltime employee. Freelancers are the best way to reduce the costs and keep them out of the office as well. It’s a great idea and this website can offer one of the very best services today also. You get competitive rates without compromising quality.

Does It Make Sense To Choose A Freelancer?

Putting money and office space to one side, it makes sense to opt for a freelancer for the simple fact that they offer a high quality service without the need to work on-sight. This makes a real difference, especially when you need a more convenient service on hand. Bookkeepers Melbourne are a perfect addition to any business whether they need a very basic service or otherwise.

Freelance Bookkeeper

Freelancers rely on reputation so if they don’t do a good enough job they won’t find work elsewhere. This essentially means they have to be at the top of their game from start to finish.

Freelancers Do the Same Job as Fulltime Employees

Bookkeeping is a serious field and one mistake can result in a business losing thousands of dollars. For that reason, a professional is needed and a freelancer can be a useful solution to your problems. Fulltime employees can be costly and if you don’t have the need for a fulltime bookkeeper, a freelance may be more suited. You could always check out www.bookkeeperco.com.au for more information about freelance bookkeeping services.…


Freelance Bookkeeper – Better Than Hiring Your Own Bookkeeper

Hiring a freelance bookkeeper Melbourne appeals to thousands of business owners worldwide. Over the last few years, the demand for bookkeeping services has really taken off and freelancers are now more popular than ever before. However, there are good reasons hiring a freelancer rather than tackling the books yourself and it will offer the best results in the end. What reasons should you take into consideration when thinking about hiring a freelancer rather than tackling things yourself?Learn more updates at http://www.grunionsmb.com/bookkeeping-help-emerges-fundamental-lifeline-business-organizations/

You Can Hire the Very Best

Freelancers really are the best direction for many businesses and it’s down to the fact that the people being hired can be the ones at the very top of their game. If you’re hiring someone to do your books then ideally you want the best and if you choose the freelance route you can. The reason why is because they’re remote so they do everything via the web and essentially you can hire the best in this field. It may very well make all the difference to your business. www.bookkeeperco.com.au is also a useful resource to check out when thinking about freelance bookkeeping.

No Need to Train Employees

Let’s think about freelancer bookkeepers for a moment; they have already gone through a heap of training and are qualified to handle the books unlike your current employees. Businesses can easily spend thousands of dollars to help put an employee through training to deal with bookkeeping and it’s a real waste when a professional bookkeeper is already trained.

Freelancers have already undertaken the necessary training so are ready and able to handle the bookkeeping side of things immediately. This is very useful and will be better in the long-term future of the company too.

Bookkeepers Tend To Concentrate Better

You wouldn’t think a freelancer would have better concentration than that of someone who works within an office environment but it is. The reason why is simply because freelancers can shut the distractions out; they can place themselves in the best environment in which they work in. Also, the freelancers have a reason to worker harder because they know if they fail to do their job properly, they’re less likely to have their contracts renewed.

For freelancers it can be frightening because they aren’t like conventional workers and sometimes there is nothing to fall back on. They in a sense concentrate better knowing mistakes cost them their jobs. With traditional employees, there is a cushion for them as there is usually a formal warning process so have the chance to redeem themselves. Freelancers always are at the top of their game. To find out more about freelance services, check out their official website.

A Bookkeeper Must Have Sufficient Experience in Your Business Niche

However, when it comes to hiring a professional you must do so with a cautious mind. It’s necessary to find a bookkeeper Melbourne who has the experience in bookkeeping and working in the same area as your business. Remember, every business has a niche whether it’s sales, technology, automobiles or food manufacturing and ideally your chosen professional needs to have worked in this field to get a clear understand or have knowledge how this field works. It will make it easier for everyone involved and it’s worth remembering when searching for a new bookkeeping service.


Improve Your Results with Freelance Bookkeepers

There are real arguments to choose a freelancer and they really should be considered as well. Yes, you may be a little sceptical to begin with and who isn’t but if you do your due diligence then you can actually get a great service and a great professional.

Freelancers are the new norm and they can save you money and offer great results. A freelance bookkeeper Melbourne can be a great idea for your business.…

bookkeeping service

Bookkeeping Help Emerges As the Fundamental Lifeline of Business Organizations

Who thinks hiring a bookkeeper would offer their business much needed help? You would be surprised with the number of business organizations who refuse to invest money in outside bookkeeping. It’s strange really as it seems like the normal practice for millions of small businesses and yet many don’t do this. However, having efficient bookkeeping is going to keep a business alive. It’s the fundamental lifeline of a business because without it, the organization can fall to pieces. Is this true? Is there a real need for bookkeeping help and, if so, why?

A Basic Need within the Business

Bookkeeping consists of recording transactions within the business, taking note of every deal made and money moving in and out of the business. This can consist of records of sales made, overheads on stock being ordered and what is being sold at the end of each week and month. There is a lot of raw information being processed from bookkeeping and keeping close track of these things is crucial but it isn’t easy hence why bookkeepers Melbourne are needed. They have the duty to handle these tasks and it’s also vital there are records of them. Getting outside help to work on the books can really be a crucial element of the business and there is a real need for this.

The Impact on the Business When Improper Bookkeeping Practices Have Been Utilized

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have no bookkeeping help and that you or someone within the business is handling the books. Is that person qualified and do they understand what bookkeeping really entails? If the answer is no then you have serious problems to deal with. Errors and mistakes happen, humans make mistakes so easily and bookkeeping is no different. However, when there are mistakes made here it can be ultimately very costly as the business loses money and potential custom. Also, if there are serious mistakes then the governing body may get involved to investigate the serious discrepancies. This could result in hefty fines so it’s a fundamental lifeline to have a bookkeeper Melbourne helping your organization. You will see they offer real assistance and while you may not personally intend to make an error on your books, those untrained can often make several crucial errors. need more information? visit http://www.kenoshanews.com/news/exschool_bookkeeper_gets_jail_time_for_embezzlement_492139935.php

A Lifeline for Business

Bookkeepers Melbourne are needed more so than ever before as they’re the blood, the lifeline of a modern business. Businesses require bookkeepers to assist in keeping them on the right tracks and ensure everything is organized in a suitable manner. Also, bookkeepers make the process far simpler for everyone involved which is why they’re so greatly needed. There is a huge demand for bookkeeping assistance and there are many good freelancers available too.

Outsourcing Makes Sense for Organizations

If you’re serious about ensuring your business gets the help it needs then finding a qualified bookkeeper is a must. This is easy enough to do and with a few simple steps you should be able to find a suitable candidate. You can obtain recommendations from people you know or conduct a basic internet search; once you have done this you can narrow the search by researching the bookkeeping service closely and discounting them.

bookkeeping service

This is a very simple process and it shouldn’t take more than a few days at best, if not a lot sooner to complete. checkout latest updates straight from the source.

Hire the Very Best

Getting bookkeeping help is so important and it doesn’t matter how confident you feel about handling your organization’s books. Help is a crucial element of any business, especially when it comes to keeping the business organized and in a stable position. With bookkeeping help you know exactly where your business is at and can make efficient decisions. Hiring bookkeepers Melbourne is easy and a useful task too.…